Fitting a Double Bridle

Fitting a Double Bridle with 
Susan Hoffman Peacock!

Susan Hoffman Peacock is a National Clinician, USDF  4th Level Certified Instructor/Trainer, USDF Silver Medalist and National Champion. 

She owns and operates the beautiful Eastvale Equestrian in Eastvale, California. 

You can contact Susan for lessons and to book a clinic in your state at:  

Eastvale Equestrian
 8312 Grapewin
 Eastvale, California 92880

Phone: 909.227.6404
Email: dressagepeacock@gmail.com


Photo by Sharon Fibelkorn Chapman
   How to Fit a Double Bridle is available to download instantly!  Five pages of professional photos that accompany the instructions on how to fit a double bridle properly, by Susan Hoffman Peacock.

 The total pages that you will download is five( letter size paper) and is available at 3brooms.horse, our Etsy store! Once you purchase the digital file it, two links will be available to download and save to your computer and print out the instructions if you like.

 The digital files come in a PDF or JPEG format to choose from. The jpeg format is a smaller file so that it downloads easier for computers that are a bit slower, but the quality is the same as the pdf file. 

Click here to visit our page and instantly download to your computer and print it out!