The Training Scale - This scale is based on six main concepts that play a part during a horse's training.

It is important to listen to your horse and to enjoy them, this is what makes a great partnership and a pleasure to watch. 

Give your horse time to develop the proper muscling for each level, and be patient.. Not only will you reap the benefits of a well schooled horse, but a healthy one also!
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"I choose to dream big"
Actress Viola Davis
Jessica Gale of Great Britain was a Rider of the Month at Dressageforjuniors.com!

"Every moment mounted, is an important opportunity for positive communication with your horse."
Remember, horses don't have to be schooled every day, they need time off just like we do from our jobs.

They won't forget what they have learned, Regular time off relieves stress.Keep a variety of different things as part of their lives. I use to have  " A beauty parlor day" for all my horses.  They loved it!
When a horse has a particular talent for a certain movement, it is important not to take advantage of that and overwork that gifted movement. 
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